Who can I nominate? Who can be nominated?

All companies, or divisions of companies, and charity / not-for-profit organizations or local chapters of national and international charity / not-for-profit organizations are eligible for nomination, provided they meet the criteria found on Submission Process

How do I nominate?

Click the "Nominate Now!" button in the top navigation. You will then complete the nomination form by entering the organization's contact person, email and choosing a category. 

Is there a fee to nominate for the awards?

No, there is no fee for anyone eligible to be nominated.

What does it look like when a nominee receives their nomination?

The email will come from "". The email will ask the nominee to provide more information on their business to help our judges when reviewing the submissions.

What happens after I nominate somebody?

The nominee will receive an automated email from the software informing them of their nomination. They will then have to complete a submission to provide more information on their business. Once their submission is complete and the judging period opens, the Judging Committee will review all completed submissions.


How will I know if I am a finalist?

Finalists will be notified by Chamber staff late January, to mid February. There will be a public announcement later in February - it will be posted on Chamber social media channels, on the Chamber website, and in the e-newsletter. Please note at this time we do not contact all submitters to inform them if they are not finalists, but if you are unsure by late-February, you can reach out to the Chamber team to confirm.

What happens if I am a finalist?

Finalists have an exciting few months of publicity ahead of them! You will receive an email from a member of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce to walk through the next steps leading up to the 2024 Business Excellence Awards Gala.

We will send you a link to schedule your video shoot, where you will have the opportunity to speak about your business. The video will be used at the Awards Gala to announce the Finalists for each Award Category and will be provided to you post-event for your own promotional purposes. We will be requesting a few of your marketing assets; Company Logo, Company Bio, Pictures you'd like to share, etc.

Finalists will be invited to a Finalist Reception with sponsors, elected officials, and the Business Awards Task Force, to celebrate their achievements, followed by the Awards Gala. The Finalist Reception and the Awards Gala will be held on May 21, 2024, from 4pm onward.

A member of our team will be communicating with you closely to update you on important details and upcoming deadlines leading up to the big event!


How do I create my account to complete my submission?

Click here to find the "create account" form. Fill in your name, contact information, and email and password, and you're set! When you sign up, you'll be logged in automatically and can start creating your submissions right away.

Where do I go to submit my submission entry?

When you first log into your account , you'll see a "Start a new entry" form. Simply choose which category you want to enter, enter your company name, and click the "Start" button. In the form that loads, you will find all the information you need in order to submit an entry to your selected category. You don't have to complete your entry all in one sitting. Your entry saves while you work, so you can always come back to it later.

When you're finished, tap the "Submit" button at the bottom of the entry form.

Can I make changes to my entry after I've submitted it?

Yes, you can continue to edit your submission until the submission deadline. After the deadline, you will be able to view your submission, but the editing controls will be disabled.

How do you protect my information?

Your account is protected by industry-leading 4096-bit encryption, and the entire system is backed up every day.